3 Ways Business Portraits Will Help Increase Exposure For Your New Business

If you’re looking for ways to promote your new business out there in the world, one of the best ways is good ole fashion grass roots promotion. Grass roots promotion is a term mostly used in the music industry. It’s a simple type of marketing that gets the work out about a band or artist usually with flyers, posters and word of mouth. This type of promoting has been around for years because it’s economical for any budget and it works. The real key to this type of buzz promotion is having eye catching material and professional images that look great. If you are like me, you have a service you provide and not necessarily a product to sell and promote. The absolute best way to promote your service is to promote you. I’m going to show you how 3 grass roots promotions techniques will help you brand yourself or your service with business portraits to increase your exposure which will help increase your sales.

Now just imagine your neighbor is in the same business as you and you both end up meeting a prospective client. You end your pitch with a “Give me a call” and hand them a business card. Your neighbor then has the same closing only handing a business card and brochure all with professional imaging. Your neighbor also finds a way to gather the prospective client’s email address. Not only will that new lead have a business card that connects a face with the service, they also receive a professional email reminding them why they should contact your neighbor. Your neighbor now has in place a professional website with business portraits and a great pitch for his service. Do you think you have the advantage over your neighbor? Who do you think will get the call? Who’s face do you think the client will remember?

You can’t afford not to have professional imaging on all of your marketing material. I have discovered that there are 3 great ways to market yourself and your service without spending too much money.

1. Website: Even if you are a staff of one, this is important to have on your website. Your website now becomes more trustworthy when you include a professional portrait with your service. People like to identify a face with a company. They want to know who they are dealing with.

2. Business cards: This is so cost effective when it comes to promoting your business to potential clients. The same rule applies here where people like to see a picture of who they are doing business with. Today, you can find companies online that will print a fair amount of business cards for you for free. However, they will include their logo and website somewhere on the card but it’s still well worth the investment to have your image on a business card. You should hand these out to everyone you can. You never know what seed will grow and blossom into a sale.

3. Publication like flyers, newsletters and brochures: Building a list of potential clients is always a good thing. You can grow a list by collecting information on your website or through real interaction with a potential customer. Once you have your list in place, you can then begin to market your promotional materials to your list. Be sure to include good looking images on your materials. These photos do not have to look as though they belong in a magazine. They only have to look clear and the perception of a professionally taken image.

Imagine a world where selling a product is almost twice as hard if you don’t have an image or video to promote and describe it. Well, those times are here today. This statement is supported by growth of auction sites. It’s a fact that more items sell when they have an image to go along with the description. These sites are brilliant in selling items because they let the items sell themselves. You have to do the same when it comes to your service or product.

So don’t be envious of your competition that has it all together with eye catching imaging. Find a way to get professional business portraits or product photography to better market yourself and your service. It’s such an easy step to take that could make a world of difference in your business revenue.